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About David Bailey - Dream House West Michigan

David Bailey is one of West Michigan's finest real estate brokers serving all parts of West Michigan. His full-service company, Dream House West Michigan, serves all customers by providing tailored services to your needs. He owns West Michigan's version of Zillow or Realtor.com at inwestmichigan.com and dreamhousewestmichigan.com. The sites not only find your house but actually help track price drops in properties to get you a deal. It's free to use for anybody looking for a house! David's Dream House West Michigan has a number of unique marketing concepts for the sale of your home. His team will tell you how to price it, how to stage it and how to win in the market while keeping your costs in check. Ask for a discount on the sale of your home, they might just give it to you! David's luxury brand, The Luxury Reserve, helps clients secure high-end houses and provides a high impact concierge service to people who are looking to find that "Dream House". David prides himself on being humble, genuine and responsive to needs 24/7. He will be on your side of the table when it comes to the biggest transaction of your life. Before becoming a real estate salesperson and then a broker, David spent two decades as a television news anchor/reporter. He's been honored with five Regional Emmy awards for his fact-finding and journalism on TV.

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